Building a brand involves passion, grinding, a clear vision, and for the brand like Yeti Out, throwing parties with good music.

The creative minds behind Yeti Out brought their vision of a community to life by bringing people together, led by passion and a unique take on the party scene. Founders twin brothers Arthur and Tom Bray, raised in Hong Kong, left for the UK to attend university in Brighton, and with their friend, Erisen Ali, uncovered a whole new world in the UK underground.

Founded in 2010, Yeti Out began as Yeti in the Basement, a Wordpress blog where they pretended to be press that helped them get into parties in London and surrounding areas. Inspired by the wild creative and cultural diversity found in the London parties, the trio documented their experiences on their blog series and led them to discover more about the music industry.

Their blog series, though now defunct, lives on in the spirit of the brand, Yeti Out—the Yeti left the basement to explore the world.

The Yeti Out collective now operates from London, Hong Kong and Shanghai, bridging the gap between the East and West through music, apparel, and more. From hosting parties, pop-up events, art shows, Yeti Out continues to push their limits and break through by collaborating with other brands.

At ACROSTICS, we are proud to welcome Yeti Out to our growing brand roster. As a brand that pulls their inspiration from far and wide, Yeti Out will be able to offer what you are looking for, whatever it may be.


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